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Large industrial consumers to buy electricity in free market as of 2013

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According to the new Law on Energy, large industrial consumers will have to buy electricity in a free market as of 2013, and so will households and small buyers, but not before 2015, it was said at a seminar for journalists on Fruska Gora.

Until 2015, households and small buyers will be supplied with power in the same way as now – by the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) and at regulated prices. As of 2015, these consumers will be able to buy electricity in a free market, it was underlined at a meeting organized by EPS.

– The new Law on Energy, adopted in July, envisages the liberalization of 40% of the electricity market in Serbia (large industrial consumers) as of 2013, whereas remaining 60% of the market (households and small buyers) will be regulated until 2015 – said Ljiljana Hadzibabic, a member of the Council of the Agency for Energy of the Republic of Serbia (AERS).

– That Law will introduce a new public supplier to the electricity market, which will be responsible for providing electricity to households and small consumers until 2015 – Hadzibabic said and added that small buyers were companies with less than 50 employees and with the total annual revenue of up to EUR 10 million. 



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