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Montenegro: Several big solar power plants to be built

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The existence of Energy Company – EPCG Solar construction is justified by the huge demand and the possibility of earning for the Energy Company – EPCG group, as well as savings for the citizens, said the director of the company, Valerija Saveljić, and added that there is an increasing interest in projects of renewable sources. As I mentioned, apart from the development of the Solari project, the Electric power distribution company is also planning the construction of large solar power plants in several locations.

At the Energy Fair in Belgrade, she said that with expert management, the company can function independently and profitably in the domestic and foreign markets.

– This is a great opportunity to present our work, vision and readiness to become a competitive company in the field of energy, not only in Montenegro but also beyond – stated Saveljić in the announcement.

She said that EPCG Solar grandnja has a professional team of engineers, fitters and electricians, capable of implementing not only Solar projects, which were visionarily initiated by the management of the Electric power distribution company but also commercial projects that will be realized in the coming time.

– We have started to change the organization and financial model of the company’s operations, and we will soon increase profits and thoroughly establish long-term financial sustainability. We believe in green energy and we work hard to show that in the field of energy, Montenegro can be among the best in the region – said Saveljić.

Energy Company – EPCG Solarconstruction announced that the importance of representing this young company, a daughter of an Electric power distribution company, is reflected in its firm vision to be one of the most successful companies in the field of energy, not only in Montenegro but also in the region and beyond.

The realization of the Solari 3000+ and 500+ project and Energy Company – EPCG construction plans for the next period were presented to the visitors of the Fair, which lasts until Thursday, as well as platforms through which it is possible to make contact for possible cooperation.

The results of the Solari 3000+ and 500+ projects are already measurable because the citizens of Montenegro got the opportunity to become electricity producers themselves through a favourable arrangement with Energy Company – EPCG, thus becoming completely independent from possible changes in electricity prices on the market and achieving huge savings on the electricity bill – it is stated in the announcement.

Electric power distribution company planned numerous projects in the field of solar energy, such as the continuation of the mass installation of solar panels – Solari 5000+ and 10000+, but also the construction of large solar power plants on Lake Slano, on the Slano and Vrtac dams, and the banks of Krupac, on Briska Gora, Vilusi and Dragalje, and what their professional teams will be able to realize in the coming years.

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