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New Bridge on Danube

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The new bridge on the Danube near Beska, part of the left lane of Novi Sad-Belgrade highway, will be opened for traffic on September 30th, people at Putevi Srbije told Novosti daily. Construction workers are currently carrying out finishing works on this 2,205-square-meter building site, which include the completion of lane structure, installation of protective fencing, traffic signalling and lighting system, and final works on walking trails.

As of September 20th, the bridge structure will be tested for load bearing capacity, and that test will be performed by experts from the Transportation Institute CIP. A total of 12 trucks loaded with sand weighing about 30 tonnes will cross the bridge, of which entire structure will be covered by electronic instruments recording possible deformations.

The tender for the construction of a bridge near Beska was announced in 2004, and the works commenced when it was supposed to be finished – in 2008. The officials say that the quality of completed works is important and that it is indisputable when it comes to the works on the bridge near Beska. The final price of this project is still unknown. Due to additional works on landslide rehabilitation and other tests, that price may rise from the agreed EUR 33 million to EUR 40 million.

The new bridge is identical to the existing one. Reconstruction of the old bridge is underway, and once the new bridge is opened for traffic, the lane structure on the old one will be refurbished.


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