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New Hydro power plant in Serbia

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Electric power of Serbia (EPS) will place in operation in October small hydro power plan of Prvonek, on the Banjska river nearby Vranje, which represent the first new power generation facility after almost 20 years. Small HPP Prvonek with two turbines of 100 and 800 kw will produce annually between 2,5 to 3 mil kw of electricity

SHHP Prvonek was constructed for less than one year, investmet worth of 1,5 mil euros was financed by EPS.  Efficient construction of this SHPP represents a good example and model for future realization of hydro plants and projects, specially considering the fact that almost one third of the EPS production is coming from hydro power plants.

One of the basic goals of EPS represents larger and efficient use of RES which means the modernization of existing facilities and construction of new. In accordance with this plan, EPS applied to EBRD with projects for 23 small Shhp, project value is 45 mil euro. This programe projects the construction of 8 new small SHHP on existing objects and modernization of 15 SHHP.




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