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New Power Plant Kolubara B project starts from march 2012

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Joint venture company of Electric power of Serbia (EPS) and Italian Edison for construction of Kolubara B power plan will be registered by end of February 2012. As it was confirmed to Novosti daily magazine, the forming of this project company will wait for new Law on enterprises is valid, currently some changes are under assessment in relation to the first project proposal for this power plant.

This step will open construction process of new power plant in Ub municipality, the works started and stopped in 1988. Italian partner, on the international tender, offered to participate with 36,4 % in the new power plant which will have two new units of total output power of 750MW.

As it was explained in EPS, within its offer Edison offered optimization of technical solution and construction of two new units of 375 MW with 37% net efficiency of units. The equipment that will be installed in the new power plant will comply with highest criteria’s for environmental protection under domestic and international standards.

The value of project, under same estimations, will be around 1,5 billion euros.


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