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Nordic Days in Serbia open

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Swedish and Danish Ambassadors to Serbia, Christer Asp and Mette Kjuel respectively, opened in Belgrade on Wednesday evening a three-day manifestation dubbed Nordic Days in Serbia, at which successful economic and social models of these tw countries will be presented, as well as their famous design, music and food.

The Nordic Business Alliance in Serbia, which is organizing the event, announced at the opening that promotion of economic cooperation between Serbia and the Nordic countries, namely Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, can be expected in the areas of technology and agriculture.

The Swedish and Danish Ambassadors stated that the population of Nordic countries, famous for their joint history, social and economic connection, now stands at about 25 million, adding that the joint tradition of these countries will be proundly presented by November 18.

Executive Director of the Nordic Business Alliance in Serbia Boris Madzarevic said that cooperation between Serbia and the Nordic countries should be at a higher level, and that the Alliance is working on promoting cooperation and linking companies.

“There are a lot of plans for the future, and we are working on them,” Madzarevic told Tanjug. He said that Nordic countries are famous for their tehnology and research, and Serbia for its agriculture, adding that those are the areas where cooperation needs to be strengthed.

Madzarevic said that an increasing number of Serbian companies are interested in markets of Nordic countries, and expressed expectation that this tendency will continue.

The most prominent members of the Nordic Business Alliance are Ikea, Carlsberg, Volvo, Telenor, Nokia Siemens, Ericsson and other big companies, he pointed out.

At the three-day gathering, the participants will discuss possibilities for commodities exchange and business cooperation and topical global economic issues, and exchange experiences at the culturological level and in the area of design.




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