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Overhaul project on Power Plant TENT, A4 unit just started

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Unit A4 of the Power Plant Nikola Tesla (TENT) Obrenovac is in regular overhaul cycle, which will last for around 2 months.

Six mills will be reconstructed during 75 days of actitivities. This important project will be completed in cooperation with Hitachi and local company Minel Kotlogradnja (subcontractor), while German bank Kfw secured the financing of the project with its credit line.

According to the main maintenance engineer on TENT A PP, Mr.Milos Vlajic, mills reconstruction started 4 years ago on unit A3. For next year same activities are planed on Unit A5. With this project on A4 this year we will gain on improvement of milling and achieving projected capacities of the mills.

From bigger work on A4 we will complete overhaul on piping system of the boiler. Other activities will include important works on turbine, management control system, electrostatic precipitator controlling etc.

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