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Petar Knezevic, Director of TENT, announced Development Strategy of the company from 2012 to 2017

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More than eur 1bn of investments in the next five years

Our aim is to produce the maximum possible while preserving the health of people, with the largest savings and minimum pollution of the environment said Petar Kneževic.

For the implementation of development plans of the company TENT from 2012 to 2017 it is necessary to invest a total of EUR 1.1bn- said Petar Kneževic, director of TENT, at the Energy Fair in Belgrade, referring to the mid-term development plan of the company. Many distinguished guests such as Oliver Dulic, Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial planning, and Aca Markovic, PhD, President of the Board of Directors in PE EPS attended the presentation of Mr. Kneževic at the stand of TENT.

According to Kneževic, TENT will increase the capacity of the following units A-3, A-4, A-5, B-1 and B-2, as it was done in 2008 and 2010 on the unit A-6 where the installed capacity was increased by 40MW. This will increase the efficiency of the plant which, with new installed capacity of 3.392MW instead of the current 3.328MW, will enable annual production increased by 3.5 billion kWh, saving about 500.000 tons of coal annually. With EUR500 million investment to increase the capacity of the units, according to Kneževic, the same effect will be obtained as if it was built a completely brand new unit of 400MW.

Along with the reconstruction of the plant, TENT will, as Director Kneževic announced, invest around EUR600 million to complete the required environmental projects. The plan is to build a desulphurization plant for units 3, 4, 5 and 6 at TENT A and both units at TENT B, then finishing the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators, elimination of nitrogen oxides, the construction of wastewater treatment plant TENT B and a new system for collection, transport and disposal of ash and slag at the location of TENT A. All these plans should, according to Director Kneževic, be implemented in the plans of EPS as well.

Director of TENT took the opportunity to acquaint the guests at the stand with what TENT has done in the past decade carrying out the first phase of revitalization and modernization of the plant. He pointed out that TENT, thanks to past investments of EUR 440 million (grants and own funds), already has an annual production increased by about 3.2 billion kWh. It is a production that a new unit of 400MW would achieve and for its construction billion euros would be necessary. Of environmental projects the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators was done on almost all units and a new system for collection, transport and disposal of ash and slag at TENT B (the so- called thick slurry transport) has been finished, in which EUR 28 million of grants and about EUR 5 million of its own funds have been invested. For some environmental projects the resources from the Republican Fund for Environmental Protection were used.

Oliver Dulic, Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial planning, praised the efforts of TENT and EPS in the area of environment protection, stressing that in the future in Serbia, except for the coal-fired capacities it should be invested more in the sources of renewable energy.

Ministry of Environment will insist that in the years ahead wind generators, mini hydro potentials, biomass power plants, geothermal potential, solar energy, that is all that now forms modern strategic orientation of states, become reality in addition to existing thermal power plants- said Dulic while visiting the stand of TENT.



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