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Production in Kolubara mines basin company increased

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Kolubara mines basin company produced this year 19,1 mil tons of coal, which is increase of 6% comparing with what was planed, it was stated in this company.

Since the beginning of this year, Kolubara excavated 44,7 mil tons of surface coal which is again 5% more than planed for this time period. In august this mining company produced 2,2 mil tons of coal.

The ongoing relocation of settlement and cemetery of Vreoci is in accordance with time plans and is expected to be completed before the deadline and estimated 12-15 months. Relocation of cemetery and households is necessary due to the expansion of the surface excavation areas, estimated coal reserves under this area are approximately 600 mil tons of coal.

Kolubara mines basin company ( RBK) produces annually 30 mil tons of coal, which is around 70% of all coal production in Serbia. Kolubara lignite coal is used for power plants that produces more than half of the electricity in the country.


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