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Public utility company Beogradske Elektrane started construction of major heating pipeline – EUR 5m for turning off Zemun heating plant

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Public utility company Beogradske Elektrane has started construction of the major heating pipeline that will connect New Belgrade and Zemun, with the aim of turning off Zemun heating plant in Sava Kovacevic settlement. The works on construction of the heating pipeline section from Luja Adamica Street to Zlatiborska Street were carried out yesterday (August 25, 2010) in the presence of City Council Chairman Aleksandar Antic, City Council member Goran Aleksic, and Beogradske Elektrane CEO Zoran Predic.

Although it was planned to be a temporary solution for supply of heating energy and consumable hot water to users in Zemun, this heating plant was built in 1970’s and is still in operation. In order to improve the quality of life of citizens of Zemun, Beogradske Elektrane started construction of major heating pipelines on August 12. In the first phase of works, which will last prior to September 1st, the heating pipeline section from Luja Adamica Street to Tosin Bunar Street will be built, while the works on the heating pipeline from Luja Adamica Street to Pohorska Street will run parallel to it. In this phase of the “Turning off Zemun heating plant” project, the investment is worth 100 million dinars, while the whole project for linking all heating areas in New Belgrade and Zemun will be worth 0.5 billion dinars.

With the help of the Belgrade City Assembly, Beogradske Elektrane plans to turn off this source of heating in 2012 and start supplying users in Zemun with heating energy from Novi Beograd heating plant. One of the main preconditions for turning off Zemun heating plant was the construction of the largest heating boiler in the Balkans in Novi Beograd heating plant.

– Turning off of Zemun heating plant is important for overall energy efficiency of the whole system and improvement of environment because this heating plant exclusively uses crude oil as fuel and it is situated in the block of residential buildings. This investment is worth 5 million euros and it will be realized during this and next year, which will create conditions for Zemun to connect with Novi Beograd heating plant – said Aleksandar Antic and added that the development of Belgrade cannot be put on hold.

Beogradske Elektrane CEO Zoran Predic said that, after the completion of the works, the heating area of Zemun would be connected to Novi Beograd heating plant, which is the biggest energy potential in this part of Europe thanks to its new boiler of 140 MW.

– The new boiler will also enable turning off of several boiler rooms on the right bank of the Sava because M6 heating pipeline, which goes under Gazela bridge, will be renovated during the reconstruction of that bridge. Over the last twenty years, over 1,000 boiler rooms have been turned off, and that project continues. At the same time, we will have the opportunities to connect large number of new residential and business facilities to the remote heating system – said Predic.

The CEO of Beogradske Elektrane stated that all other repair works went as planned and that that company would be ready for the new heating season in early October. The tender for procurement of crude oil is closed, so that about 45,000 tons of this fuel will soon be in the storage.

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