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Reconstruction of ash and slag handling system at Nikola Tesla A TPP

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Proposal Date: 17.February.2011
Proposed Beginning: 1.June.2012
Planned Duration (in months): 24
Project Value: US $ 63.50500 million (50,000,000.00 EUR)

Project Status: Proposal

Reference Number: PENE2174

Background and Justification: Public Enterprise Electric power industry of Serbia (PE EPS) was established by the Decision of the Government of Serbia which entered into force on 1 July 2005 (100% ownership of the Republic of Serbia).

Vertically integrated enterprise comprises of 11 corporate enterprises. (EPS cannot manage its facilities at Kosovo and Metohija as of June 1999): facilities for electricity generation, facilities for coal production, processing and transport, electricity distribution

Installed capacity of EPS power plants amounts to the total of 8,359 MW, as follows:

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