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Reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators at Power Plant Morava TENT

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Reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators at TPP MORAVA is the title of a short presentation made by the smallest production branch  of TENT at the 7th Energy Fair and the 8th Ecology Fair.

TPP MORAVA is located on the right bank of the Velika Morava, near Svilajnac. Its only unit with installed capacity of 125MW was built in 1968 and first time synchronized with the power system of Serbia in 1969. It is designed to work at peak load but due to the need for electricity it worked all the time in base mode, thus achieving more than l94.000 hours in operation – mentioned in the introductory part of the presentation Dragan Nešic,Director of TPP MORAVA.

Explaining that the electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) are used for removal of the so-called fine particles (particulate matter and fly ash) from the flue gas, he said that two ESPs type „ELEH AG“ Zurich were installed at TEM plant with two sections (total of 4) in the direction of the flue gas flow. Reminding that the existing precipitator system was commissioned back in 1969, Nešic added:

As a part of research in the field of technological development which was initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Serbia, the necessary tests, whose implementation was conducted in two pahses, were done from 13 July 2008 to 21 July 2010. In the first phase two HF power supply and HF transformer of American company NWL were installed,and the tasks of power supply and control were performed by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering- Belgrade. Since a clearly improved flue gas dedusting was established compared to the current 50Hz transformer system, ETF Belgrade launched the development of domestic VNVF transformer. The result of this development was the installation of the third VNVF power supply with belonging transformer (prototype) in the precipitator plant. The measures taken have yielded significantly better effect of dedusting, which was confirmed by the preliminary tests of the Mining Institute- Belgrade.

As the main aim of precipitator plant the Director of TEM said:

Our aim is to contribute significantly to protection and improvement of environment with new ESPs and, with maximum compliance with  legislation (limit value of particulate matter emission of 50mg/m3 of flue gas) provide reliable and stable operation of the unit, in compliance with the needs and requirements of the electric power system of Serbia.

According to him, the scope and content of all activities and the necessary technical documentation (Preliminary Design; the Study of Fire protection; Review Report; Summary of the Feasibility study with Conceptual Design) will be fully compliant  with domestic and European legislation.

If everything goes according to the plan, from 2014 the only unit at TPP MORAVA will join the units of TENT on which modern ESPs have already been installed- announced in conclusion of the presentation Director of TEM Dragan Nešic. 



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