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Roller processing plant put in operation – Canadian USD 5 million investment in U.S. Steel Serbia

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In the cold rolling mill of U.S. Steel Serbia forge in Smederevo, a roller processing plant worth over USD 5 million has been put in operation.

The plant is a joint venture of U.S. Steel and the Canadian company Court Holding, it spans about 1,300 square meters, and it is intended for chroming and grinding the rollers.

– The joint venture currently employs six workers, but that number will grow with the development of business and the increase in the number of clients – U.S. Steel CEO Matthew Perkins told the press on Tuesday.

The Canadian company and U.S. Steel cooperate since 1983 when the first roller processing joint venture was formed. Over 100 contractors participated in the construction of the plant in Smederevo, mainly from that town.

U.S Steel has over 30 similar roller processing plants on five continents. All of them operate by the principle of joint ventures formed in association with renowned forges and aluminum mills.


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