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Romania and Serbia analyse funding of Iron Gates 3 energy project

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Agerpres special correspondent Claudiu Zamfir reports: Prime Minister Emil Boc along with his Serbian counterpart Mirko Cvetkovic mandated the responsible ministers to analyse the funding sources necessary for the implementation of the energy project related to the Iron Gates 3, on the Danube river.

‘We discussed and we proposed a concrete analysis of the Iron Gates 3 project’s implementation. We mandated our responsible ministers to examine the funding sources and the implications of this extremely important project for our countries’ energy stability and for the region’s energy stability too,’ Emil Boc said.

Also regarding the energy sector, the Romanian Prime Minister proposed the Serbian side to engage in the AGRI Project, ‘a project on which Romania pins great hopes, as it will decisively contribute to the diversification of transport routes and gas sources, connected to our countries’ energy security.”

‘I got a positive answer from the Serbian Prime Minister,’ the head of the Bucharest Executive pointed out.

At the same time, the two premiers discussed about the Pan European Oil Pipeline project.

As for the infrastructure, the two heads of government tackled the construction of the motorway between Belgrade and Timisoara (western Romania), as a possible route of development between Serbia and Romania. In addition, they plan to boost the Romanian-Serbian cooperation in the Constanta port (south-eastern Romania), ‘by offering Serbia the possibility to rely on a connection hub in order to continue and support investments,’ with the Serbian side showing a keen interest in this proposal.




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