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Romania and Serbia in talks on energy projects

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Romanian and neighboring Serbia are looking to increase their cooperation in the energy domain, according to an official statement from the Romanian Ministry of Economy. The message follows a meeting that Ion Ariton, the minister of Economy had with the Serbian minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Milutin Mrkonjic.

During the meeting that was held in Belgrad, the two ministers mentioned the building of a new interconnection electricity line of 400 kV that would connect Resita city (Romania) and Pancevo in Serbia.

Romania and Serbia may also jointly invest into a new hydro electric plant of accumulation through pumping on the Danube. This investment project is similar to the “Portile de Fier 1 and 2” power plants.

Ariton also discussed with Mrkonjic the interconnection of the natural gas transportation systems through the pipe Arad-Morkin and the status on the Pan European Oil Pipe project that will connect Constanta and Trieste.

The Romanian president, Traian Basescu, is also part of the two day official delegation organized in Serbia.


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