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Romania: OX2 obtained the connection approval for a 290 MW wind farm

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The South Wind SRL company received last month a technical approval for connection (ATR) for a large-scale wind farm, of almost 290 MW, which will be located in Constanta county.

The new wind farm would be connected to a new 400 kV station, Deleni, and subsequently to the 400 kV line Medgidia Sud-Varna and Medgidia Sud-Dobrudja.

South Wind SRL is fully owned by the Swedish company OX2, an active investor in renewables in Romania, present on the Romanian market since 2021.

At the end of February, OX2 Romania announced that at the end of last year, it had obtained the construction authorization for the most advanced project in the portfolio, with an installed capacity of 99 MW and which has a connection contract from March 2023. The work will start in the first part of the year, and the objective is for the wind farm to become operational at the end of 2025. The project is in the advanced phase, which includes the purchase of equipment and the conclusion of a PPA, the target being to reach the final investment decision.

The second 99 MW project, located nearby, follows close behind in both the development stage and reaching the FID phase, with the two projects to be built and commissioned in the same timeframe.

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