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Russians, Italians interested in Prva Petoletka

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One Russian and one Italian company are interested in business deals with Prva Petoletka, the Serbian hydraulics and pneumatics manufacturer based in the central Serbian town of Trstenik.

Russian company Trest Gidromontazh is interested in buying two Prva Petoletka’s factories and the Italian company USCO in moving its production plant to Petoletka’s Mikroelektronika production hall, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Verica Kalanovic said Tuesday.

During business negotiations, the Russian company said it would continue the production and keep most of the workers, adding that it had a secured market position, Kalanovic pointed out. She said the Russians were interested in extending the range of production in both plants and in investing significant funds in the equipment.

Last year, Trest Gidromontazh bought Prva Petoletka’s Inzenjering, the factory that produces all hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems for all areas of application – from submarines to aircraft. The deputy prime minister for economy and regional development said that the Italian company USCO was interested in the Mikroelektronika hall and in setting up its own business, bringing its own equipment and initially hiring 50 employees in Serbia.

According to Kalanovic, the company announced it would eventually employ a total of 400 people.



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