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News on Energy and Mining on Ios&Android apps

The application for mobile phones for users of apple and samsung/android phones is fully adapted to modern European standards of digital quality, but also to the requirements of domestic users from the region. Within two weeks of its launching, the application was downloaded by over 4,000 users from the region alone.

The application, in addition to news in English, also contains news from the Energy and Mining sector that covers the region of Southeast Europe and the markets of 12 countries. Domestic news is categorized through a special News tab/button.

In addition to the energy sector with focus topics on the regional energy market (electricity, oil, gas), the platform also brings the latest content from the domain of investments, renewable energy sources, trends in energy prices on domestic and regional stock exchanges, as well as current European content that affects business in the Western Balkans. Mining is presented through contents about the importance of mineral resources for the economy of the countries of the region, bringing modern contents on all related topics with the mineral resources industry.

The applications are the product of the interest of a large number of business users from the region and Europe who have been following the Serbia SEE Energy News platform since 2008.

Applications are available for download at the following links:

Google Play Store:

Apple store:

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