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SEE region: Disposal of nuclear waste at Trgovska delayed

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Croatia and Slovenia reached an agreement to continue depositing radioactive waste from nuclear power plant Krsko at the current location within the plant itself until 2028, according to Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic.

Plenkovic added that this agreement was reached during a meeting of the intergovernmental commission of Croatia and Slovenia. This relaxes the issue in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the Croatian public, Plenkovic explained. Croatia will continue discussions with Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in line with good neighborly relations and all the rules concerning this important issue.

Croatia plans to store radioactive waste from NPP Krsko, along with existing waste, at the Trgovska Gora location in Dvor, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has raised concerns among residents of 13 municipalities in the Una River basin.

According to the National Program for the Implementation of the Strategy for Radioactive Waste Management, which the Croatian Government adopted in late 2018, Trgovska Gora and the Cerkezovac barracks are designated as the long-term storage site for waste from NPP Krsko, a plan that was opposed by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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