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SEE region: OMV Petrom to operate Han Asparuh offshore perimeter in Bulgaria

, SEE Energy News

OMV Petrom replaced TotalEnergies as the operator of the Han Asparuh deep water perimeter in Bulgaria, according to unnamed sources, local media reported.

The Romanian company, part of the Austrian group OMV, is also negotiating to take over the 57% majority stake from the French company. It already owns the remaining 43% stake.

Han Asparuh is adjacent to the Neptun Deep perimeter in Romania, also operated by OMV Petrom, but the gas output estimated so far is slightly larger.

Last summer, TotalEnergies EP Bulgaria CEO Yves Le Stunff said the Han Asparuh perimeter is estimated to have the potential to produce a total of 13 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year from two fields, compared to 8 billion cubic meters per year during 2030-2040 (the “plateau” period) estimated at Neptun Deep.

The Vinekh field, located near Turkish waters, is expected to produce about 5 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year from 2030 to 2040 and then 3 billion cubic meters per year over the next decade, Le Stunff told the Bulgarian Parliamentary Committee on Energy.

The Krum field is expected to produce 8 billion cubic meters per year between 2031 and 2044, rising to 4 billion cubic meters per year by 2050, according to Le Stunff’s presentation.

The project partners plan to start exploratory drilling for natural gas in the Han Asparuh block in the second quarter of 2024, Le Stunff said. Alternative exploratory drilling work is also planned, with each exploratory drilling process expected to cost around USD 100 million, reports.

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