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SEEWIND project extended to September 2011

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WESTERN BALKANS: The European Commission has granted a project extension of additional 16 months for the Southeast European Wind Energy Exploitation (SEEWIND), due to the difficult situation regarding wind power project development in Rudine, Mostar and Vlasina.

The official end of the SEEWIND Project, which launched in May 2007, has been shifted to September 2011.

The project foresees the implementation of the first multi MW wind turbines in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

Nine companies and organisations from six different countries are participating in SEEWIND: Adria Wind Power, DEWI, EWS, Meteo-BiH, IMSI, Masurica, Meteotest, “Dzemal Bijedic” University, Vjetroenergetika.

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