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Serbia Gas Distribution leading company

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Serbia’s state-owned gas company Javno Preduzece Srbijagas (JP Srbijagas) is the leader in the domestic natural gas distribution sector. The company is engaged in the transportation, distribution and storage of natural gas. JP Srbijagas is the national transmission system operator (TSO) and distribution system operator (DSO), and is also involved in the maintenance of Serbia’s national gas system.

The natural gas distribution network of Serbia comprises natural gas mains, telecommunications and information systems, and equipment to provide pressure of at least 6.0 bars. It totals 10,500 km of pipelines.

In line with Serbia’s Energy Law, the entities, active in natural gas distribution, committed to maintain and develop the distribution system under a five-year plan, approved by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS), and according to the needs of the customers. The gas distributors are also involved in activities related to the management of the distribution network and the retail of natural gas.

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