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Serbia will supply Bosnian market with gas

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Director of Serbian Gas company “Srbijagas” Dusan Bajatovic said that the upcoming heating season will be provided sufficient quantities of gas to market in Bosnia.

“For Bosnia will be supplied sufficient quantities of gas for the coming heating season, a price will be around $ 470 for 1,000 cubic meters, which is slightly cheaper than in the Serbian market”, Bajatovic told at a press conference.
He said that “Srbijagas” does everything that the Bosnia’s  market appears not only as a transporter of gas, but also as a significant investor.
“We are doing everything to become significant investors in the gas market in Bosia, but the fight is extremely tough, because for the market you must  fight with the big world, and Bosnian players also. Realistically, however, that Serbia take it’s first  position in the Bosnia’s Republika Srpska”, he added.

On the observation that the gas price for households is extremely expensive, Bajatovic responded that to the citizens everything  is expensive when they have small paychecks.

“With an average salary of barely 350 euros, as it is today in Serbia, even bread and milk are expensive to the citizens, not to mention gas. Price of gas for households of 30.70 dinars (about 0.3 euros) per cubic meter is among the lowest in Europe, a lower price only the Romanians have, who, unlike Serbia, have significant amounts of domestic gas, “Bajatovic added.
He reiterated that the gas in Serbia ten percent more expensive as, in his words, not enough. 


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