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Serbian Coal Subsector, coal fired power plants, mines in Serbia

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Coal Subsector

The Serbian coal sector includes the coal extraction and processing of coal. Coal is the most widely found fuel in Serbia, accounting for 51% of the total Serbian primary energy supply.


The majority of Serbian coal production is from two open-pit mines in Kostolac and Kolubara (some 36,930 million tonnes were extracted in 2009). Both the pits are operated by EPS. The total reserves of lignite coal are estimated at some 2.3 billion tonnes.


95% of lignite coal from open-pit mines is used for the production of electricity in the thermal power plants. In addition to lignite coal, Serbia also has smaller reserves of hard coal and brown coal which is excavated from eight underground pit mines.


Development priorities in the coal sector include the opening of additional units in the Kolubara basin, the revitalization of existing cost effective capacities and an investment in more environmental practices at the existing mining facilities. Such cost effective and environmental practices are a general goal for all mining basins in Serbia.


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