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Serbia’s Agriculture Minister says 2011 was “a good agrarian year”

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Serbia’s Agriculture Minister Dušan Petrovic says 2011 was “a good agrarian year”, with domestic staple food market stabilized, and “no economic reasons to hike prices”.

Petrovic told Tanjug that more than two million tons of wheat was produced, and added it is estimated that the overall maize production will amount to about 6.2 million tons, which will be more than enough for domestic needs and export of about two million tons of the grain.

Petrovic also said that the milk market is stable, unlike in 2010, and that there is no danger of shortage, and added that in 2012 the production of raw milk will completely satisfy the needs of the Serbian dairy industry.

He pointed out that there is a certain deficit of raw milk in the domestic market, which is being compensated through import, and added that our needs have increased due to export of dairy products to the EU, Russia and Ukraine.

He recalled that all foreign trade duties – tariffs and surtaxes – on import of soybean meal to Serbia have been abolished, which has already resulted in lower prices of food.




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