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Serbia’s exports to Germany increased by 28 percent

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The external trade of  Serbia with Germany in the first seven months of the 2011th  icreased by 21.4 percent and reached the sum of 1.4 billion euros, announced today the representative of the Serbian chamber  of commerce (SCC) in Germany.

In the period from January to July 2011th , Serbia exported goods worth 549.1 million euros, which is 28.7 percent more than in the same period last year, and imported goods from Germany for 870.5 million euros or 17.2 percent more than in the period in 2010th  year.

The deficit on the Serbian side is 321.4 million euros.

The share of exports to Germany in relation to total exports from Serbia was 11.3 percent, while imports from Germany makes 10.7 percent of total imports of Serbian.

Germany is in second place by the amount of export of Serbian products after Italy (585.1 million euros), and is also in the second place by  amount of imported goods after the Russian Federation (1.1 billion euros).

Looking at the total amount of external trade between Serbia and countries in the European Union, Germany is in the first place, and trade with Russia, which is currently in first place, is greater for just nine million euros.


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