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Serbia’s Municipality of Kula has prepared business incentives for investors up to 50%

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Serbia’s Municipality of Kula invites all interested investors to come into this Serbia’s Municipality and check the business incentives that they offer. 

The industrial zone is located at Kula in a location between cities Kula and Vrbas, on the state road first-order M-3. Distance from the city Vrbas is 4 km and distance from highway E-75 is 10 km. Investors in work zone are able to build on an area of 20 ha.
Serbia’s Municipality of Kula is ready to meet the needs of potential investors and form a plot within a work zone depending on the needs of investors. Within the work zone is allowed to build facilities where investors can perform all the economic (production) activities, storage of raw materials and finished products, to perform service activities and etc. Serbia’s Municipality of Kula also has prepared business incentives for investors through, up to 50%, reduced fees for construction land.

Local government offers tax relief for some utility charges, benefits for the environmental protection and improvement in the next two years, and exemption from costs for connecting to water supply and sewerage systems. In addition to the special advantages to potential investors can expect receiving all necessary permits and documentation in due time.




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