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Siemens invests 24 million euros in production of new type of generator in Subotica-based plant

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The company Siemens will hire another 150 people in its plant in Subotica and invest 24 million euros in the production of a new type of generator over the next 18 months, Tihomir Rajic, director general of this company, pointed out when he met with representatives of the city authorities and the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS) at Siemens plant in that city.

A total of 24 million euros will be invested in the production of a new type of generator. This patent has recently been developed by one of the company’s engineers and the Siemens headquarters has decided to organize the production process at Siemens plant in Subotica. The new type of generator will be produced exclusively in the plant in Subotica and it will be intended for export to the global market.

Siemens plant in Subotica, the most significant domestic manufacturer of electric machines and converters for use in the field of renewable energy sources, is a representative example of this segment of the Serbian economy that puts Serbia on the technological map of the world, it was concluded during the meeting of representatives of the Electric Power Company of Serbia, the City of Subotica, and the company Siemens at that plant.

– Our plant is one of rare plants in the world that produces generators for wind farms and has a unique portfolio of components for wind and solar power plants. We are proud of the fact that the plant in Subotica is also a pioneer in the application of the concept of energy efficient production in Serbia. As the leader in technological innovations and a big supporter of the development of “green technologies”, we advocate for the use of clean technologies in the production believe that EPS, our most significant partner, will be able to start using this concept – said Siemens Director General Tihomir Rajlic.

Siemens plant in Subotica operates as part of the company Siemens since 2005 and as part of the company company since January 1, 2010. Since it was formed in 2003, it has produced over 12,000 generators. The total installed power of all produced generators in Siemens plant in Subotica is 2.5 times bigger than the total installed power of all production facilities within the Electric Power Company of Serbia.

Owing to such specific portfolio of products, which are in extremely high demand in the markets of highly developed economies, as well as in developing countries that take care of their energy balances, the company Siemens has earned a respectable place among Serbia’s top five exporters.

Just like any other Siemens’ production plant in the world, people at the Subotica-based plant strictly take care of the environment protection and energy efficiency. Thanks to water, heat, electricity and gas consumption control systems, the total costs of energy use at the plant in Subotica have been cut by 15 to 20 percent. Besides, 75 percent of industrial waste, a usual byproduct of the production process, is recycled.


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