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Solar Charger Belgrade students the best in the world

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A team of students from Belgrade University, who designed the first public solar charger for mobile phones, won first place at the European Commission in Brussels in the category of public consumption. The competition was held within the Week of sustainable development.

Team of nine students from different faculties of the University of Belgrade award was given last night at the home stage Vaudeville at the center of Brussels. The success of Serbian students is even greater because it is made ??in competition with 309 projects, in addition to this team is the youngest and the only team not from the European Union.

Solar charger for mobile phones called Strawberry Tree“for a few days in the square in front of the Luxembourg European Parliament as an example of good practice and there will be more than 15 April when it ends Sunday sustainable development.

Reactions of passers-by and the general public of the city of Brussels exceeded all expectations, a large number of people supplemented their mobile phones to the device Serbian studenata.Solarni charger will be on display in Brussels until 15 April.


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