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Solar power plant in Kanjiza, Serbia

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Kanjiza might start mass production and use of Renewable energy sources by end of 2012, this surely represents pioneer step in Serbia. Local municipality is finishing the negotiations with investors from Hungary and South Korea, in the same time ongoing is the selection of the most suitable location for solar park.

Future partners on this project are south Korean company Hunday Heavy Industries and Hungarian company Asianet, value of the project is 11 million Euro. Future solar power plant will have the power of 5 mw, with surface of 15ha. Some time earlier Kanjiza also started project of windmill parks, which might make this municipality most energy and ecological in Serbia.

Beside power plantsPored elektrana, u planu je otvaranje i edukativnog centra za obrazovanje strucnjaka ovih profila, koji bi bili obuceni za rad na solarnim postrojenjima,

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