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Srbijagas director general says gas price is likely to go up by 15 percent

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The Serbian government will not allow the realistic increase in gas price, which should reach 30 percent, in order not to jeopardize the country’s macroeconomic stability, but it is most likely that the price of this type of energy source will increase by 15 percent on average, Srbijagas Director General Dusan Bajatovic stated on Thursday.

The price of household gas should go up by 10-12 percent, Bajatovic explained.

He could not precise when the new gas prices will come in effect.

According to the law, the price of gas should be between 47 and 49 dinars per cubic meter, Bajatovic told journalists in Sid, northwestern Serbia.

He said that the Serbian government owes RSD 1.8 billion to Srbijagas for the lower prices it has allowed to households.

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