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Srbijagas plans construction of gas power plants

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Srbijagas proposed to the Government to begin planning two to four gas plants that will produce electricity for export, said last night, managing director of that public company Dušan Bajatovic.

On the sixth anniversary celebration of the establishment Srbijagas, Bajatovic said that if the Serbian government agrees, Srbijagas implement these projects.

Bajatovic said that Srbijagas applied request for extension of activities, which will enable him to engage in the production of electricity.

Bajatovic said that international pipeline for Russian gas, Juzni tok,will ensure supply of Serbia, and said that he expects that Srbijaga start buildingof the section through Serbia,one year before other partners in the projects.

If Srbijagas had support of  the Government,will  become a company that will invest and not just keep jobs, but also create new “, said director of Srbijagas. Bajatovic said that his company with partners since 2008. year so far invested around 200million euros in the development of pipeline,gas storage and business development.



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