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TENT prepares to install FGD flue-gas desulphurisation system

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Construction of a flue-gas desulfurization system in the steam power generation complex Termoelektrane Nikola Tesla (TENT), worth about EUR 250 million, should kick off in the second half of 2013, people at that company announced.

As people at TENT explained, the project financed from a Japanese loan will include installation of a flue-gas desulfurization system in six out of eight power stations within the largest steam power generation complex in Serbia, which produces half of all electricity generated in Serbia.

The system should be finished until early 2017, after which the concentration of sulfur dioxide leaving the power stations will be below 200 mg per cubic meter, meaning that the requirements of European norms will be met, said people at TENT.

This flue-gas desulfurization system in TENT will be utilizing the wet limestone technology, so-called wet scrubbing, which is used by 55 percent of all plants with a flue-gas desulfurization system in the world.

A tender for the selection of contractors should be announced in the first half of 2012, said people at the steam power plant in Obrenovac.

As people at TENT stressed, installation of the flue-gas desulfurization system will run parallel to the finishing phase of introduction of both ecological transport and ash and slag removal system and wastewater treatment system.

A wastewater treatment project in both power stations of Nikola Tesla B Steam Power Plant, for which EUR 15 million have been provided from the EU funds and EUR 5 million from the sources of the Electric Power Company of Serbia (EPS), is in the phase of preparation of the tender documentation.

The tender should be announced in April 2012, whereas the whole project should be completed in late 2016, said people at TENT.

As they added, a preliminary project is under design and the required funds are being collected for the wastewater treatment in six power stations of Nikola Tesla A Steam Power Plant as well.



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