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TENT(Power Plants Nikola Tesla) Electricity production plans achieved

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Economic Association “Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla” produced and delivered 1.424.052.000 kWh to power system in August 2011, 14, 16% less than planned.  Nine outages were recorded in total in this month, three of them in TPP “Nikola Tesla A” (TENT A), four in TPP “Kolubara” and two in TPP “Morava”.

TENT A produced and delivered 851.624.000 kWh to the power system, 3,6% more than planned. Units A1 and A6 were this month continuously on the grid, while the unit A4 was on the grid the longest period of time in this year. It was continuously on the grid 180 days (4311,82h) and broke the previous  record that unit A1 held. Unit A4 is in the expended overhaul period since July, 26th.

In the same period, TENT B generated 429.384.000 kWh, 36,48% less than planned. The main reason for unrealized energy balance, as stated in the report, was delayed start of the other 620MW unit overhaul. According to the schedule, the unit overhaul should have lasted in the period from 01.05. to 08.08.2011. but started on May, 14th. Unit B1 was in August continuously on the grid.

TPP “Kolubara” produced and delivered 86.941.000 kWh to the power system and realized 94,5% of the plan, 5,5% less than planned. Unit B3 is in the overhaul phase since the beginning of 2010, and unit A4 is in the state of cold reserve from 15th of November, 2009.

TPP “Morava” produced and delivered 56.104.000 kWh to the power system and realized 81,31% of the plan.

Railway transport in the same period transported 2.626.744t of coal for the needs of TENT A, TENT B and TPP “Kolubara”, 1,43% less than planned.

Specific liquid fuel consumption of TENT ltd. is by 74, 75% lower than the norms which amount to 2.80 g/kWh.

Participation of TENT ltd in the total production of Electric power industry of Serbia is 47,64%, while the participation in the production of all power plants in the system amounts to 60,94%. If we look at the production of the TENT ltd in relation to the Public company “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” without TPP “Kosovo”, percentages are significantly larger and amount to 55,66%, that is 74,71%.      

Source: Tent Magazine



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