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The end of overhaul season at TENT Power Plants

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Unit 4 back in service  – unit 3 in overhaul

The unit 4 at TPP “Nikola Tesla A” in Obrenovac is back in service as of yesterday afternoon (September 28) after a prolonged overhaul (75 days for the reconstruction of mills provided under the contract but it was all over in 63 days) in which the main work was the reconstruction of mills.

A day later, (September 29), also at TENT A the standard overhaul of the unit 3 started. During the 30-days overhaul works, the focus will be on the reconstruction of feed pumps and installation of HP heaters. 

In late September, as it was announced, the unit 3 at TPP “Kolubara A” in Veliki Crljeni was back in service as well.

On the unit 3 at the oldest Serbian power plant (being overhauled since January this year) there was a repair of the turbine done as well as the installation of supervisory control system on the boilers that provide the turbine with steam and turbine control equipment. After all necessary tests and adjustments done the TEK unit 3 has been working very stably since September 26.

At TPP “Morava” in Svilajnac from September 12 the unit has been in major overhaul which is according to overhaul plans anticipated to last 70 days. Within the planned works there will be a replacement of most of the evaporator, the major overhaul of the turbine and the generator and other relevant works. This year’s overhaul season at TENT will be practically closed when the unit 3 returns to the power system network of Serbia.

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