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The first solar power plant in Matarovo

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Solar power plant in Matarovo, Kuršumlija village will be built until the beginning of October, said yesterday BETA agency, Verica  Ristic, director of  Italian company Multyenergy.

According to the project company Multyenergy, solar power plant of two megawatts will be built on an area of 400 hectares, per year  will produce 2.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity, and the investment value is around five million euros.

Head of the Department of Economic Development Kuršumlija Dejan Jovanovic told BETA that the company  Multyenergy received energy  permission from the Ministry of Energy and inrastructure  and location permit for the construction of power plants from the municipality.

“Kuršumlija municipality did its best to ensure all permits, as was the earlier agreement with the company representatives Multyenergy. We expect to soon obtain the building permit, which is a requirement for the mountingpanel, “said Jovanovic.

During  earlier site visit  in the Matarova village, a representative of the company Multienergy  Filpini Giovanni said that immediately after obtaining all permits within 60 days will be set for solar power panels.

Filpini also then said that one of the first plant of its kind in Serbia.

“We plan to have Kuršumlija as seat from where we will perform other duties and other solar power project,” said Filpini.

Mayor of Kuršumlija Vesna Jakovljevic said that solar power will be one of the largest investments in the city, and newspapers in Serbia.

“As we promised, we did our best to expedite the licensing process. Implementation of this project will mean a lot for this one poor and underdeveloped communities, because  will be open for a lot of jobs, “said Jakovljev



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