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The three blocks of Kolubara TENT power plant on the network grid

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Capital repair of unit A3 is entering the finals. In the power plant “Kolubara A” in Veliki Crljeni network units  are A-1, A-2 and A-5, while the A-3 engine is still in the capital repair. Transportation of coal for the oldest power plant EPS is standard these days, (l0-12 trains a day, in agreement with NBC) and stocks in landfills is around 70,000 tons.

Block TEK A3 (65 megawatts) is in capital repairs since January this year. The contract for this work is signed with “Alstom” from Karlovac (Croatia) and refers to the Siemens turbine repair, with delivery and installation of spare parts and entrance examinations. Estimated repair works just entering the finals, and the return of the “unit 3” on the network is expected in September, said the director of “Kolubara A” Dragan Nikolic, explaining:

– When it comes to turbine 3,significant works have been performed on high-compressive part of the turbine. All stator and rotor blades are replaced, and repair parts of the inner and outer casings are made too. In the low pressure turbine are made and replaced the rotor blades  1-25  rows  and stator blades 1-28 rows.The reconstruction of the seal on the low pressure rotor is made, and the design and installation of steam seal housing. Also, the reconstruction of reducing station for sealing steam is performed,as well as the reconstruction and modernization of the turbine control. Old “Siemens” mechanical-hydraulic control has been replaced by electronic-hydraulic control the latest generation in cooperation with the Belgrade Institute “Mihailo Pupin” and Croatian “Alstom” from Karlovac. Works on the installation of low pressure turbines have been successfully completed, and the installation of high-pressure turbine is in progress. Operations are performed according to the term-plan and their completion is expected in September, specifying our source, noting that in parallel with operations performed on turbine, also underway are replacement of the management  system on boilers 4 and 5.

On the largest unit TEK A-5 (ll0 MW) in this overhauling season is done just standard repair, where it should be noted that on the four-venting the mill replaced the upper parts, separators. On the boiler piping system, and steam lines were made non-destructive testing, in order to make timely decisions about possible replacements (since the steam line at the facility even 136,000 hours and are known problems with the earlier work of this block, which has about 900 movements). Dry Cleaning is carried out with the condenser cooling water and water heater tests is conducted (in the presence of the inspector for pressure equipment).After two years of exploitation electrostatic systems are thoroughly reviewed, but haven’t  noticed the damage that would indicate any problems in future work.

Standard repair works are carried out at the oldest aggregate A-1 (32 megawatts).On the boiler plant is planned (and done) a full overhaul of the mill equipment, lighting systems and electrostatic precipitators. The turbine works performed only  reviews of beds, with no recorded damage. On the coal delivery system repair of the reloading bridge 2 and conveyor system is  completed, while on the bridge 4 is finalizing a major overhaul, which was implemented in cooperation with “Kolubara-metal”.

Source: TENT





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