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Thermal power plant Kostolac waiting for Chinese loan

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A commercial society of  power plants and mines Kostolac expects that by the end of September a contract with the Chinese Exim Bank about  loan for power plant will be prepared , and the ratification in parliament will begin implementation of the commercial contract.

The loan is worth $300 milion Euro and the whole package 330 million,includes a group of projects related to the thermal blocks in Kostolac.

Project includes revitalization of the blocks B1 and B2 in Power plant Drmno ,construction of the complex  installations for flue gas desulphurization and infrastructure necessary for this process, such as railway, part of the road network and port on the Danube.

About  possible future construction of a new unit, which is phase 2 project, completely new power units of 350 megawatts and expand mine Drmno, talks are expected soon also.

The whole  arrangement would be worth 718 million dollars.



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