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Unit B-2 back to the power system network

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Unit B-2 in Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla B from 11th September is again on the power system network after completing the four- month capital overhaul. By its commissioning, this year’s overhaul season in this power plant has been fully completed.

Director of TENT B Mr. Zoran Stojanovic on this occasion said that all extensive and complex overhaul works on the second unit of 620MW were well planned and realized within the predicted time schedule thanks to a good organization and excellent preparation for such a major overhaul. The main job which determined the length (120 days) of the overhaul of unit B-2 was the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators. Its height is increased by 2.2 meters, thus increasing the degree of dust exhausting and reducing the powder materials emission pursuant to domestic and European limit values. Meanwhile, it was very complex and extensive work which was mostly financed from EU donations, where polish Rafako was responsible for its realization and the works on this part of the plant were carried out by local reputable companies “Goša” and “Izoprogres”.

Comprehensive works done on the boiler piping system were performed by the companies “Termoelektro” and “Feromont” and their subcontractors.

Beside the important jobs in the machine hall (replacement of all turbine blades of turbo-feed pump, replacement of all condenser pipes) during the overhaul of unit two, there were capital repairs and rehabilitation done on the post burning grate, devices for slag removal, replacement of superheater 1 and reheater 3, and some important interventions were made in pneumatic transport of ash and slag as well.

Source: TENT Power Plants Obrenovac


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