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Vladan Petkovic, Director of Railway Transport TENT, Reconstruction of existing railway infrastructure for new unit b3

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Director of Railway Transport TENT Vladan Petkovic presented a traffic study of reconstruction of the existing railway infrastructure on the road section Stubline-Vorbis,as well as necessary vehicles for transport of new 8 million tons of coal for unit B3 planned to be built on the site TENT B.

Institute of Transportation CIP from Belgrade did the study under the terms of reference of TENT which was released in cooperation with EPS.

Of the three proposed options, Petkovic indicated the most optimal one which envisages the construction of double track railway between Stubline and Vorbis, which was adopted at the Expert Council of EPS. He said that this option envisages the construction of approximately 16,5km of railways, the construction of a new contact network of the same length and displacement of 7.5km from the existing network, installation of the  devices for dependency between stations on the new railway,the extension of road overpass in Stubline and sectioning changes at the station Stubline. This option would enable a traffic of 68 pairs of trains per day.

At the station Vorbis it is necessary to expand the station capacities by the construction of 4km of tracks and switches, do the electrification of the same, installation of SS devices.. The project envisages the construction of three new loading bays for coal, limestone and ash.

For the transport of new 8 million tons of coal for B3, it will be necessary to obtain 3 electric locomotives, 95 freight cars, 2 electric shunting locomotives and 1 diesel locomotive. Petkovic said that for the reconstruction of existing railway infrastructure Stubline-Vorbis, it is necessary to invest over EUR36 million. This doesn’t include the costs of technical documentation which should be done in accordance with the Law on planning and construction.



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