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Wastewater treatment TENT B

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At the 7th International Energy Fair, Dragan Popovic, Manager of Corporate Affairs at CE TENT, presented a project of wastewater treatment plant at TENT B.

The scope of funding for this project amounts to EUR20 million, of which EUR15 million is a grant of European Union, and EUR5 million are funds of EPS, said Popovic, adding that the Preliminary project for wastewater treatment plant as well as evaluation study of the impact on the environment were done by „Energoprojekt hidroinženjering“. The treatment of coal water, oily wastewater, sanitary wastewater and wastewater which  will occur in future flue gas desulphurisation  process will be done according to the characteristics of wastewater. The total amount that will be processed in all plants are up to almost one million cubic meters per year. This plant should bring these waters in such a position that they can be released into the recepient, with the aim of achieving “good water status“ of the Sava River and groundwater. Treatment of wastewater that appeared during the process of flue gas desulphurization in future plant, which will produce huge amounts of water, will be done in specially built subsystem for intake of these waters. The final recepient of the waters formed during the desulphurization process will be the process water pools of the system for ash and slag transport.

Conceptual design and Feasibility study for wastewater treatment plant at TENT B are done, selection of consultants for tender preparation and procurement procedure is done as well and the preparation of tender documentation is in progress. Tender announcement is planned for April 2012 and the completion of the project in November 2016.

The construction of wastewater treatment plant at TENT B will permanently solve the problem of wastewater evacuation. Correction of effluent quality improves the quality and conducts the protection of surface water quality. This creates conditions for multipurpose utilization of surface water for water supply, irrigation, recreation, as the dominant positive effects of the project realization, said Dragan Popovic.



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