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What is new on the Russian utility scene? What are the newest projects and investments and which technologies are leading the way?

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Federal Grid Company, the world’s largest power transmission company and Host Utility of Smart Utilities Russia, is in the process of creating a modern communication infrastructure on its vast networks. This will lead to a better capacity, peak load management and blackout prevention.
Real-time communication remains the backbone of the smart grid, and is of a particular importance to Russia, due to its geographical reach – spanning 11 time zones and a variety of climates.
At Smart Utilities Russia 2011, 
Roman Nikolayevich Berdnikov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board from Federal Grid Company will discuss Russia’s very own challenges and drivers for power system modernisation, such as the combination of old and modern technologies to improve communication on the network to reduce energy losses and improve reliability.
How can you turn this market intelligence into long-term financial gains? 

  • Global technology providers and telecoms giants have made a significant contribution to the development of smart grid, with numerous technology-enabled projects throughout the US and Europe – Position yourself as the leading solution provider for the Russian power sector! 
  • For nearly 2 decades, Russia’s electricity sector remained on the fringes of Western Europe, mainly due to the organisational sluggishness of state-owned utilities. We are now seeing a rapid change in the efforts to revive the sector. This opens up an unparalleled potential for you to share your technical expertise, partner with local utilities and accelerate change
  • Learn from the best! Get the latest updates on these exciting projects

             o    A new telecommunication project between Lenenergo andMegafon
             o    How to unlock the huge potential of raw data through data analytics by Teradata
             o    Updates on PermEnergo –  the Russian most comprehensive smart metering project
             o    New ways to improve energy efficiency by Saint-Petersburg Electricity Company
…to name just a few.
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