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Windmill – a chance for local economy

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The European Union has predicted that by 2020. , 20% of total energy consumption must come from renewable sources. The Serbian government has set its goal: 12% of total energy consumption must come from renewable sources.

Using wind to produce electricity may be an opportunity for local businessmen, who like Sabac factory Uno Martin, real materials and parts used for wind farms.

When the 2008th year with an investment of about 3 million started production multiaksijalnih fabrics, new materials and technology, many have heard the first time.

Uno Martin is the only company in South East Europe and one of seven European factories of Kevlar, carbon, glass, basalt fiber made ??specific screens, which have layered structures with greater resiliency, elasticity and durability.

Technology is a new and complicated, to be trained for the work we had to go to Germany and their experts have come here, “said Zoran Germaljevic, a worker in manufacturing.

Since incorporation in concrete, the armors, tanks multiaxial materials are used to make windmills. Four-fifths of each propeller are just fabrics that are made in Sabac Uno Martin. The construction of wind farms that have an average of from 70 to 120 windmills, they see their opportunity, and opportunity for other domestic producers.

“To foreign contractor and manufacturer of wind knew it, the state has to say that Serbian businessmen can make metal parts for construction, materials, poles or something else. In this way the windmills and the project of a few hundred million or a billion euros was expensive , a part of the funds would remain in Serbia , emphasizes Nebojsa Martinovic, owner of the factory Uno Martin.

Windmills would be cheaper by 10 to 15%, and Serbian businessmen to employ new workers, says the Uno Martin with whose company is the Ministry of Science and Technology signed an agreement on cooperation in research and development of nanotechnology. Of the planned 2,000 tons per year mainly for domestic purposes, from their plants shipped are small quantities, because in Serbia multiaxial fabric is still being imported.

Renewable Energy

The share of energy from renewable sources of energy supply in the European Union has almost doubled in the last decade.

The term renewable energy sources (RES) means sources of energy found in nature and reproduced in whole or in part, in particular energy streams, wind energy, solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy and others.

Using these sources contribute to more efficient use of own resources in energy production, reduce emissions of carbon monoxide, reducing imports of fossil fuels, development of local industry and create jobs.


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