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Windmills at the crossroads

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The first major wind farms in Serbia could be constructed in two years. A total of all this power can be connected to the transmission system, with a reduction of conventional thermal and hydro power plants. While investors in wind turbines require the state more favorable conditions for investment, the Electric Power Industry of Serbia say that wind farms will increase the price of electricity.

Companies Energovind, MK Energogrin Fintel vind, wind park Indjija Kelag and Continental vind partners, gathered in the Serbian Association for Wind Energy Seve, plan to invest in the first phase of 700 million euros in total wind capacity of 400 megawatts.
The EPS warn that wind farms can bring a higher price of electricity, because they have to purchase it at a preferential rate for 12 years.
– Electricity from the wind, the feed in tariff with the cost of transmission and distribution, will pay 2.3 times more expensive than selling say in the EPS. The planned 450 megawatt, this difference will amount to 922 million euros, and for the Energy Agency will have to justify our cost, that will be built into the price of electricity in the domestic market.


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